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As the Coronavirus outbreak plays out, we feel these effects locally and globally. Through these surreal times, we all have gotten closer and engaged in more direct ways, face to virtual face and less passive interactions with our devices. With our quarantined partners, we play more board games; we watch TV together; we spend more time in a real-life conversation, and we eat together at the dinner table. In a world where we crave social connection, we continue to find ways to interact outside our environment despite our isolation.

  We have greater empathy as the virus is here to stay, so we are compelled to change the way we think and the way we behave. For once, the world is in sync. Covid-19 has hit all of us – all cultures, all time zones, all walks of life. Immunity is a non sequitur. Collectively, we battle the Coronavirus – it is part of our daily life.  We are at war with mother nature. Perhaps, she is giving us a lesson from nature, enabling us to rethink what we’ve known as truth, to change our ways, and redesign how we live, work, interact with each other, and redefine access to our supply chain. New World Order

new world order

New World Order

Are you a pastor, politician, musician, or soccer star looking to feather your version and mission? Have you been struggling to make it throughout, have you been looking for answers, solutions on how to feather your version without failure?

The Illuminati Secret Society is running a financing initiative to promote entrepreneurship and job creation to help reduce poverty and improve living standards in our communities in Africa. We thus are looking to work with skilled and able bodied individuals to undertake such investments to increase their income and create opportunities for others as well. We thus Looked into your Financial Potential and your Ability to undertake Massive Profitable Entrepreneurship Ventures and we noticed that your Current Net worth is the Main Hindrance to your ability to Undertake massive Profitable investments to help change your Life and that of others in your Community as well as per our Mission and Vision. I’ve attached a copy of your Financial Potential Assessment and a financing proposal, if you would like to take on the initiative to undertake profitable investments and live a better life while improving that of others as well please complete the proposal document and hand it in at our Offices in your Country. Our Country Agent’s Office is located in Johannesburg

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