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The Illuminati

Our plan for this planet sees humans that are not divided into tribes based on their geographic locations, physical appearances, or access to resources. Instead, every person is one unique part of a worldwide ecosystem in which their choices have an effect on the whole.

Every person is a vital piece of a bigger machine that benefits from the entirety of humankind…

Are you a pastor, politician, musician or soccer star looking to feather your version and mission. Have you been struggling to make it throughout, have you been looking for answers, solutions on how to feather your version without failure?

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Personal Development. The illuminati

Some of our registered members of Illuminati have achieved alot of resources. However, they are not allowed to expose their success unless it’s decided so by our illuminated minervals.

Millions of people all over the world have committed themselves to the Illuminati’s to build a financial debt-free lifestyle

The Illuminati is among the powerful secret societies in the world with an aim of ruling or taking over the world as it is now. For one to be powerful, popular, and rich you must be belonging to one of the secret societies in this world. For our brothers in the music industry if you don’t bow down and sacrifice to Baphomet, you can’t make it with your music career. In every aspect of life there is a goddess.

With our financial muscle that stretches wide through our profitable and lucrative investments in different sectors across the world, our power, and control over the global financial system, not withholding our power and influence upon many global leaders and politicians across the world, we’ve got the power and capacity to change your life from rays to riches. we have the power to make you famous and popular in whatever you do. follow us on . The Illuminati

First off I will say that there’s a lot of things I love about Mark Dice, but there are somethings I don’t like about him as well so by no means am I biased towards him. With that said I will add that I respect his research and when it comes to the truth movement KNOWLEDGE is what you need to be armed with, not half-baked bizarre theories. Facts and evidence to support the truths you are trying to share with friends and family are important and there are too many conspiracy kooks out there giving legitimate truthers a bad name. Just as Mark has pointed out, people are out there muddying the waters with false info in an attempt to discredit any legitimate knowledge from becoming widely known.

I think Mark presents a very sobering and level headed view point. His information is thoroughly researched and based on factual events and occurrences. He doesn’t present wild theories that are way out in left field but rather he just talks about real events and scenarios that have actually happened. He also highlights modern phenomena with social media and the media in general for the purpose of exposing the liberal slant and how the liberal agenda is attacking the 1st amendment rights of everyone, especially conservative voices and anyone who dares to criticize the establishment.

I couldn’t put this book down. Some of the stuff I already knew about because I follow Mark Dice on YouTube, but this book goes into a lot of detail and he credits all of the sources he used in the book. That is probably the most disturbing thing in the book is that you can literally fact check all of his claims and it all checks out. It’s a very well researched book. call us

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